Los estudiantes de español uno están aprendiendo sobre la cultura española con información sobre "La fiesta brava"
almost 3 years ago, Señor Roberto Evaul
El matador
Freshmen are finishing reading Romeo and Juliet- projects are coming soon (due Friday, March 15)!
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Smedley
Comp 2 "Lucy" Project
almost 3 years ago, Anna Patton
Lucy Pic
Today's Driver Education classes were amazed to see how complex driving can be in urban settings like the Streets of San Francisco.
almost 3 years ago, Lynn Pumphery
PHS Zoology & Botany Class will be doing some dissecting this week! Focus is on the Phylum Mollusca!
almost 3 years ago, Matt Sanders
Clam and Squid Specimens for Zoology & Botany study of mollusks.
In Consumer Education Class we have been working on the student's portfolios by creating Resumes, Letter of Applications and Thank you letters that they will be able to use for future use.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Thompson
Thank you Dr. Beyers for visiting our Introduction to Business class on Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics related to running a business.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Watson
Julius Caesar vs. Marcus Brutus...It looks like a Pro-Caesar year!
almost 3 years ago, Mr. Shalter
The book fair for students at Lincoln Elementary will be held during the school day 3/7 and 3/8.
almost 3 years ago, Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Book Fair
Health JAM 2019 was completed on Wednesday February 27 with a full day of Career Day. All 5th grade students completed the 6 week challenge of "Walking Across Illinois." Students were paired in groups and challenged by wearing fitbits to have enough steps to walk across Illinois.
almost 3 years ago, Mr. Malisia
Students researched and created an animal slide project on GoogleSlides.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Sloan
animal slide project
Students made some awesome landform models out of salt dough.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Reiss
landform models
This week students are giving oral reports on their Famous Black Americans.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Pieper
Finishing up our Science Unit on Physical vs. Chemical Changes!
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. King
Chemical Changes
Enjoying a chemical change
Enjoying a yummy chemical change
Eating pancakes
Mrs. Epley's third graders have read more than seventeen million words in Accelerated Reader as a group! Way to read!!
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Epley
stack of books
Students presented their google slide projects on the Presidents this week.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Hedderich
Book Fair starting next week! These two 8th grade students (Bailey Carnahan and Faith Horton) have the most Outside Reading points so far this year. They are showing you some books we will have for sale.
almost 3 years ago, Ellen Beyers
Book Fair photo
Excited that several students have met their requirements to "graduate" from math intervention class this week.
almost 3 years ago, Sara Kallal
In seventh grade language arts, students did a "speed dating" activity to provide each other feedback on their argument essay introductions.
almost 3 years ago, Mrs. Mathon
Students providing each other with introduction feedback.
Students providing each other with introduction feedback.
Shared my lunch time with four 6th grade boys. We shared good conversation and a few laughs. I love making connections with kids!
almost 3 years ago, Juletta Ellis