All district activities including games, practices, and open gyms are canceled for today, February 15th, due to inclement weather. Stay safe!
15 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Mrs. Lehn's class had a fun-filled day celebrating Valentine's Day! Here, the students are showing off their "Cupid's bow and arrow" STEM project made from a given list of materials. We then tested them out to see how far their cotton-tipped arrows would travel.
17 days ago, Mrs. Lehn
Mrs. Schmitz’s class celebrated Valentine’s Day by completing a Candyland Escape Room. Their goal was to save the princess from the Candy King. They had all sorts of reading and math challenges to complete and earned prizes as they worked.
18 days ago, Mrs. Schmitz
February 12, 2021, Pana CUSD #8 Superintendent Jason Bauer wishes to share the following information: Superintendent Letter #1
18 days ago, Bridgett Heinrich
Letter from the Superintendent
Parents and guardians: Please see the links below for COVID testing information and the waiver. If you have any questions or concerns please call Paul Donahue 217-562-1500 or Sandy Pauley 217-562-6600 Testing Letter Testing Waiver
18 days ago, Bridgett Heinrich
ZooBot is back at it! Echinoderm anatomy is our focus today...
18 days ago, Matt Sanders
ZooBot student dissecting a representative Echinoderm.
Washington Students painted hearts inspired by American Artist Jim Dine in art class this week.
18 days ago, Mrs. Holman - Art
Painting inspired by American Artist Jim Dine
Painting inspired by American Artist Jim Dine
Painting inspired by American Artist Jim Dine
Art painting inspired by American Artist Jim Dine
This week PHS features Mr. Tim Eddy!
18 days ago, Mrs. Adam
The PJHS 7th/8th grade choir turned Recital Day into "The Voice", turning around at first, then turning back to the soloist to show their appreciation! So fun to see kids connecting through music !!
19 days ago, Pana Panther Choirs
jh choir
PHS held it's first in person blood drive of the year for students and staff this week. We had 75 attempted donations and 60 successful donations. Each donation contributes to our scholarship total from the American Red Cross. Thanks to all the students and staff who donated and to the students who kept things running smoothly!
19 days ago, Mrs. Adam
Addie & Katelyn
Comp 2 “Lucy” pictures (based on imagery found in “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”)
19 days ago, English Department
Lucy pics
Lucy pics
Who’s the rockstar behind the broadcast? Pana High School’s very own, Kaylee Zahradka, gracefully executes her cameraman and scoreboard abilities in the matchup last night with Vandalia. Check out the game replay on our YouTube channel and stay tuned for many more!
19 days ago, Amanda Skinner
We’ve had fun reviewing tens and ones this week before our test in Mrs. Crawford’s class! 😃
19 days ago, Mrs. Crawford
February 9th was National Pizza Day and PJHS celebrated students who choose to work hard and do the right thing daily by giving them a slice! 🍕 Nice work!
20 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Check out Mr. Bonney’s students creating dioramas for their book study!! Can you guess the book?
20 days ago, Mrs. King
Look at these hard working students!
PJHS January SOMs: Kynzi Presnell, Havyn Evans, Wayde Pauley, Parkir Woolard, and Jadyn Kiser. Not pictured: Clyde Witt We are proud of you and your efforts in January!!
21 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Way to go Dakoda Roach and Allie Sarver! They signed the PJHS Wall of Fame today! Thanks for doing the right thing and having a positive attitude!
21 days ago, Juletta Ellis
wall of fame
Physics students have been designing and 3d printing their mousetrap cars in preparation for our in class testing of designs.
21 days ago, Mr. Cothern
3d printing mousetrap car designs in Physics
February 8, 2021, Pana CUSD #8 Superintendent Jason Bauer wishes to share the following information: Superintendent Letter #1
21 days ago, Bridgett Heinrich
Superintendent Letter
PHS Craft students created their first google drawing based on Reginald Laurent's artwork. #digitalart #googledrawing #collage #artwork🎨 #panthers🐾
21 days ago, Megan Henkel