Pana Archery Club traveled to Albion, IL for the State Championship Saturday. Bryce 1st, and Blake 2nd high school pins, and Bailey 3rd middle school pins. Bryce Shooter of the Year for high school pins.
over 3 years ago, Mr. Miller
Bailey 3rd
Bryce 1st Blake 2nd
Archery Team
Attention Senior Parents: Be on the lookout for a letter being mailed to you this week with information on the yearbooks! We have a due date coming up, so please watch your mailbox!
over 3 years ago, PHS Panorama Yearbook
Mrs. Berns' Geometry students have been creative making theorem posters to enhance their learning. You may see some of these around the high school.
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Berns
Angle bisector of a triangle.
Theorem 8.9
I created a new point-slope formula template for my Algebra 1A students. They slid the templates into plastic sleeves and practiced problems with dry erase markers. They were really engaged, and now they understand the process better!
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Whalen
Congratulations to Lucas Duduit for placing 2nd in Engineering Graphics at the EIU Sectional for the Academic Challenge. Lucas qualifies for that state competition in April.
over 3 years ago, Mr. Cothern
Lucas Duduit-2nd Place Engineering Graphics
Wednesday is an early dismissal for PT Conferences from 12:45-3:30
over 3 years ago, Juletta Ellis
PJHS will distribute 3rd quarter report cards on Friday, March 15th.
over 3 years ago, Juletta Ellis
Last week 6th grade students began making models of a plant cell. Students had to color and cut the organelles and had to determine where within a cell to position the organelles. They also had to identify the function of the organelles.
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Schutt
6th Grade Plant Cell Model
New employment opportunities available:
over 3 years ago, Amanda Skinner
Seniors- Scholarship due dates are closer than they appear! Check out the new bulletin board outside of Student Services. New scholarships will be added regularly :-)
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Maxwell
Scholarship Bulletin Board
In 9th hour PBL 4 teams have successfully mastered working with scale measurements and demonstrated their proficiency by drawing and building a Warren truss bridge to ⅜” scale.
over 3 years ago, Steve Bonser
Great bridge
bridge builders
The low voltage team of Babe Bradley and James Hill completed a model of the low voltage systems for the solar car.
over 3 years ago, Steve Bonser
wire model
Students were introduced to the angle relationships that are formed when a pair of parallel lines are cut by a transversal. This new concept was reinforced in a fun way by playing Dance Dance Transversal.
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Dameris
Dance Dance Transversal
We love to eat dirt!!
over 3 years ago, Mrs. King
Eating some “dirt.”
Can I eat those worms??
Best. Dirt. Ever!
Eating some delicious dirt!
over 3 years ago, Mrs. King
Eating "dirt!"
Eating "dirt"
"Dirt is so good!"
Can you believe we are eating "worms?"
PJHS Drama Class will be performing “The Internet is Distracting...Oh Look a Kitten!” today at 3:00 in the PJHS Auditorium. Here are a few pictures from Thursday’s performance.
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Dameris
PJHS Drama Class
PJHS  Drama Class
Students in the Drama PBL (first time ever at PJHS) have been working very hard on a performance to share with their classmates on Thursday and their families on Saturday. We are nervous, but excited!
over 3 years ago, Susan Ade
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Cephalopoda Overall evaluation? Excellent day today in Zoology!
over 3 years ago, Matt Sanders
Dissection Specimen photo courtesy Brooklyn Rueger
Sixth graders are ready to start the 4th quarter off strong! They will be using their reading and writing skills to prepare for the upcoming IAR assessments.
over 3 years ago, Mrs. Mayhall
In landscaping class, the students have planted seeds, now have seedlings growing. A major task accomplished was to have the students label their flats with plant name and variety.
over 3 years ago, Mr Wood
seedlings labeled