Pana Education Foundation License Plate Fundraiser

The Pana Education Foundation will begin orders for their Fall Fundraiser: this year's fundraiser focuses on a Panther-Themed license plate that can be displayed on the individual's vehicle during the 60 day time period of the event.

Cost for a plate for one vehicle is $50. This plate may be displayed on your vehicle for 60 days during the time frame of this event (between October and December 2022). Special plates cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another.

Special Event plates may be displayed on: passenger vehicles, B-trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles weighing 8,000 lbs. or less. Plates may be placed on dealer vehicles so long as a copy of the MCO and manufacturer's ID is kept in the vehicle.

Regular license plates AND registration ID card must still be kept in the vehicle at all times. Only IL registered individuals with IL license plates are able to participate and display their plates during the event dates.

Vanity Plates: Vanity plates may be ordered from March 1st - March 7th, 2022. After this time, only randomly assigned sequential numbers will be available on the Special Event Plates (due to the time frame of completing all orders). If you are requesting a specific number, this counts as a vanity plate. You may have no more than 4 characters total in your vanity plate request.

Signups are available using the QR code or by going directly to

A huge thank you from the PEF for your continued support!