Perfect Attendance Awards

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 PHS held our annual Honor's Day Ceremony. 

Here are a few highlights from the big day!

American Legion Winners: Lucas Duduit & Carlee Phillips

Labor Day Queen & Court: Olivia Schmitz, Sway Denton and Rylee Beck

DAR Award: Josie Pauley

SCC All-Academic Awards: E. Dilley, L. Stalets, J. Pauley, R. Welburn, A. Beyers, M. Mizeur,

J. Swenny, S. Sims, K. Weideman, S. Schoonover, L. Duduit,

J. Armstrong, B. Coulter, S. Perry, J. Bock, M. Cravens, K. Holland, H. LeDuc,

M. Ashcraft

Perfect Attendance Awards: A. Rhoades, S. Walters (4 YEARS), B. Fellows, L. Hicks, H. Whitlatch, A. Fortner, C. Hildebrand, E. Dilley (4 YEARS)

Exceptional Honor Roll: 

9th grade: J. Chaurero, B. Fellows, G. Fitzpatrick, G. Harmston, R. Holthaus,

A. Karbach, K. Kuhn, K. Ladage, K. Moon, C. Paschall, K. Perry, L. Phillips,

J. Rhoades, J. Rickett, J. Shanholtzer, O. Spracklen, K. Weideman,  

10th grade: A. Deere, B. Elledge, J. Gruber, J. Kealen, B. Schoonover,

K. Townsend, S. Adams, B. Witt

11th grade: T. Patton, Q. Perry, J. Reed, D. Bieber, K. Swisher

12th grade: C. Burris, O. Decker, E. Dilley, A. Finley, E. Kuhn, S. Lin, L. Stalets,

J. Pauley, M. Mizeur, J. Swenny, A. Beyers, R. Welburn, E. Kiser, G. Sims

IL State Scholars:  J. Armstrong, C. Burris, O. Decker, E. Dilley, A. Finley, E. Kuhn, S. Lin,

L. Stalets