May 6 - 10th is Teacher Appreciation Week

When you think back to your school years at Pana, I'm sure there's always that one teacher who stands out in your mind.  It might be the one who made class fun and engaging.  Perhaps this teacher took that extra bit of time to help you through an assignment or project.  Could it be that he or she inspired you to follow a path to your future just by his or her example? Teachers dedicate so much of their time and energy into students because they love learning and sharing that learning with students year after year.

Pana CUSD 8 would like to thank all of our teachers and school staff, not only this week, but also each and every day of the year.  These teachers always know the importance of their job: Helping to build independent, strong learners for the future.  Thank you for all you do!

Washington Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Pana Junior High School

Pana Senior High School