Reminder: Please fill out your 2020 Census today!:)

Reminder: Please fill out your 2020 Census today!:)

A Friendly Reminder from Superintendent Bauer to Please fill out your 2020 Census today!:) If you have not done so, please take a few moments of your time to complete your 2020 Census here:...

Afternoon Annoucements

4/3/2020 Morning/Afternoon Announcements! I have been busy arranging for a Shed Delivery! After announcements, go to the YouTube link below to see a better view of that video....

Washington School- Letter to Parents/Guardians

Attention: Washington Parents click here



Lincoln Elementary (Mrs. Millburg)

4/3/2020 Morning/Afternoon Announcements! I have been busy arranging for a Shed Delivery! After announcements go to the YouTube link below to see a better view of that video. SHED

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Lincoln Elementary (Mrs. Millburg)
Cheri Wysong

Dear K-2 Students, Parents and Guardians,

Beginning March 31, all schools in Illinois moved from ‘Act of God’ days to “Remote Learning”. What does this mean?
Remote Learning is defined as: An educational program designed to provide continuation of learning for students under conditions that prohibit the learner and instructor from being in the same physical space.

While we would much rather be here in the building all together every day, we have had to figure out a way to provide a meaningful education for your children to prepare them for when we return to school. Because this new way of teaching and learning has everyone trying to figure out what they NEED to do, what they SHOULD do, and what they WANT to do. I am outlining the responsibilities of everyone below. *Note: Some of the outline below is taken from the Pana CUSD#8 Remote Learning Plan on the panaschools.COM website. I don’t want anyone to miss out on what they need to do to be a successful student and eventually be ready for the next grade. We all have to work together to provide what these kids need to meet their physical, emotional and educational needs.

Teacher Responsibiities:
• Make remote learning activities available to parents each day.
• Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities that meet the needs of all learners (pencil and paper, electronic opportunities for experiences, opportunity for Google Meets/Hangouts so kids can see their classmates and teachers, etc.).
• Provide regular feedback to students on their progress.
o This includes asking for work samples (photos) to determine if students need additional guidance with work or are on the right track.
• Students should not be engaging in more than 90 minutes of work daily.

Student/Parent Responsibilities:
• Read every day!!
• Make arrangements to pick up work packets at the school so you have the resources you need to complete assignments.
• Connect to DoJo daily to review the assigned work. Just check in- you do not have to sit all day at the computer, just check in to let them know you are ok or you need help with the assigned tasks.
• Teachers are available in the DoJo classroom between 8:15-1:15 daily. If that does not work in your schedule, respond anyway and they will get back to you the next day.
• Complete and respond back to any work requested by the teacher.
• Ask questions when you need help or don’t understand something.
• Be respectful to yourself, your teachers, and your peers.
• If you know someone who is NOT connecting- tell them to call the office to get help 562-7500.
• Your response back to your teacher is an indication that you are working and engaged in your learning.
• Attendance to learning is mandatory. If your child is not engaging in learning, they will not be ready for when we return (whether this school year or next is still up in the air- it depends on ensuring the health and safety of everyone).
• The purpose of grading is to provide meaningful feedback to students to help them grow.
• Your responses allow teachers to see if you are on the right track or need help with skills.
• Grading for the 4th quarter will be S (satisfactory) or I (incomplete) and IS based on your participation in your learning.

** Please look on the panaschools.COM website for these documents:
1. The school closure extension letter from Mr. Bauer.
2. The Pana CUSD #8 District wide remote learning plan.
3. A sign up for the Grab and Go meals being provided to ALL students in our district.

Additional Packet distribution:
April 14th 1-3 at Washington School- Same drive up routine as the last time!! Arrive from the south with your passenger window to the door and I will hand you your packet of materials.

*Do not hesitate to call or message me if you need assistance or questions.
Be safe and be healthy until we are ‘back to normal’.

Mrs. Wysong

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Cheri Wysong
Mr. Shalter

You can now order 2019-2020 Yearbooks online!

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Mr. Shalter
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