Mr. Pierce
Author and historian Kevin Corley spoke to Mr. Pierce's 8th grade social studies class about the Pana coal mine wars.
about 1 hour ago, Mr. Pierce
Mrs. Perry
Pictures of 6th grade students solving equations with pawns and dice.
about 1 hour ago, Mrs. Perry
Mrs. Stalets
English 3 general and CP have an analysis essay due tonight by 11:59 on Google Classroom. Students can find examples and helpful hints on last week's Classroom posts and handouts. As always, they can stay after school or email Mrs. Stalets during the evening for help.
about 19 hours ago, Mrs. Stalets
Amanda Skinner
Update: PHS Boys baseball has changed location. Today's game vs Beecher City will be played at home at 4:15 pm.
about 22 hours ago, Amanda Skinner
Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Lincoln Elementary students will be creating unique designs and decorating a T-shirt to wear during IAR (parcc) testing. IAR is the formerly known PARCC or ISAT test from the past. It stands for Illinois Assessment of Readiness but we are turning those letters into I AM READY!!! Please provide a T-shirt for your child to bring to school by next week and we will provide the markers. If you can donate an extra shirt for any kiddo who may not have one, it would be greatly appreciated as well.
about 23 hours ago, Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Mrs. Schutt
Recently 6th grade science has been very yummy! Students created edible plant and animal cells.
about 24 hours ago, Mrs. Schutt
Lynn Pumphery
2nd hour Driver Education class enjoyed hearing from our guest speakers today about Distress Bandanna's
4 days ago, Lynn Pumphery
Mrs. Brown
Clothing students are repurposing collared shirts to make aprons.
4 days ago, Mrs. Brown
Mr. Cothern
The advanced chemistry students performed an acid/base titration today in class in order to determine the concentration of an unknown hydrochloric acid solution. Students Jacob Beyers and Natalie Stauder are shown with their ending product of the chemical reaction.
4 days ago, Mr. Cothern
Mr. Lipe
Mr. Lipe and Mr. Pumphrey's driver education classes were visited by The Distress Bandanna people today. During this presentation they discussed roadside safety and all students in the drivers ed program received a distress bandanna to use in their own cars
4 days ago, Mr. Lipe
Matt Sanders
Lumbricus terrestris, anyone? Earthworm anatomy today for PHS ZooBot students!
5 days ago, Matt Sanders
Nicole Blodgett
***Do you or anyone you know need a part time or full time job? Apply today online or in person at the Pana CUSD #8 Unit Office!*** -Bus Driver (Substitute) -Custodian (Substitute) -Cafeteria Cook, Cashier, Dishwasher, Aides (Substitute) -Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher (2019-2020 school year) -Elementary 4th Grade Teacher (2019-2020 school year) -Elementary Guidance Counselor (2019-2020 school year) -Jr High Boys Track Coach -Jr High Science/History Teacher (2019-2020 school year) -High School Dishwasher (Part-Time) - 2 positions available -High School Social Studies Teacher (2019-2020 school year) -High School Physical Education Teacher (2019-2020 school year) -High School Guidance Counselor Online link:
5 days ago, Nicole Blodgett
Matt Sanders
PHS Biology students tackling the tricky topic of mitosis.
5 days ago, Matt Sanders
Mrs. Watson
Photoshop students have been busy designing original book covers.
5 days ago, Mrs. Watson
Mr. Miller
6 days ago, Mr. Miller
Nicole Blodgett
Who doesn't want to cook NEXT Wed night March 20th? Pana Post Prom is selling the yummy Nelson's Chicken Dinner, let us know if you need one or they can be picked up at Pana CUSD #8 unit office!! Call 562-1500, tickets available til Thursday at 5pm!
6 days ago, Nicole Blodgett
Mrs. Berns
Enjoying PHS chorus
6 days ago, Mrs. Berns
Mr. Tennell
Physical science students calculated the average speed and acceleration of toy cars today in class!
7 days ago, Mr. Tennell
Juletta Ellis
Over 120 PJHS students have joined the Walk This Way Challenge for 4th quarter. Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Sowarsh, and staff members are walking with students to promote healthy habits and build relationships. It was chilly today, but it was great to be outside!
7 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Just a message to all the Lincoln Elementary parents. All schools will be dismissing at 12:00 tomorrow for scheduled afternoon conferences. Don't forget to make arrangements for early pick up.
7 days ago, Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Lincoln Elementary will send home 3rd quarter report cards on Friday, March 15th.
7 days ago, Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Mr. Miller
Pana Archery Club traveled to Albion, IL for the State Championship Saturday. Bryce 1st, and Blake 2nd high school pins, and Bailey 3rd middle school pins. Bryce Shooter of the Year for high school pins.
8 days ago, Mr. Miller
PHS Panorama Yearbook
Attention Senior Parents: Be on the lookout for a letter being mailed to you this week with information on the yearbooks! We have a due date coming up, so please watch your mailbox!
8 days ago, PHS Panorama Yearbook
Mrs. Berns
Mrs. Berns' Geometry students have been creative making theorem posters to enhance their learning. You may see some of these around the high school.
8 days ago, Mrs. Berns
Mrs. Whalen
I created a new point-slope formula template for my Algebra 1A students. They slid the templates into plastic sleeves and practiced problems with dry erase markers. They were really engaged, and now they understand the process better!
8 days ago, Mrs. Whalen
Mr. Cothern
Congratulations to Lucas Duduit for placing 2nd in Engineering Graphics at the EIU Sectional for the Academic Challenge. Lucas qualifies for that state competition in April.
8 days ago, Mr. Cothern
Juletta Ellis
Wednesday is an early dismissal for PT Conferences from 12:45-3:30
8 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Juletta Ellis
PJHS will distribute 3rd quarter report cards on Friday, March 15th.
8 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Mrs. Schutt
Last week 6th grade students began making models of a plant cell. Students had to color and cut the organelles and had to determine where within a cell to position the organelles. They also had to identify the function of the organelles.
8 days ago, Mrs. Schutt
Amanda Skinner
New employment opportunities available:
8 days ago, Amanda Skinner
Mrs. Maxwell
Seniors- Scholarship due dates are closer than they appear! Check out the new bulletin board outside of Student Services. New scholarships will be added regularly :-)
8 days ago, Mrs. Maxwell
Steve Bonser
In 9th hour PBL 4 teams have successfully mastered working with scale measurements and demonstrated their proficiency by drawing and building a Warren truss bridge to ⅜” scale.
9 days ago, Steve Bonser
Steve Bonser
The low voltage team of Babe Bradley and James Hill completed a model of the low voltage systems for the solar car.
9 days ago, Steve Bonser
Mrs. Dameris
Students were introduced to the angle relationships that are formed when a pair of parallel lines are cut by a transversal. This new concept was reinforced in a fun way by playing Dance Dance Transversal.
9 days ago, Mrs. Dameris
Mrs. King
We love to eat dirt!!
10 days ago, Mrs. King
Mrs. King
Eating some delicious dirt!
10 days ago, Mrs. King
Mrs. Dameris
PJHS Drama Class will be performing “The Internet is Distracting...Oh Look a Kitten!” today at 3:00 in the PJHS Auditorium. Here are a few pictures from Thursday’s performance.
10 days ago, Mrs. Dameris
Susan Ade
Students in the Drama PBL (first time ever at PJHS) have been working very hard on a performance to share with their classmates on Thursday and their families on Saturday. We are nervous, but excited!
10 days ago, Susan Ade
Matt Sanders
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Cephalopoda Overall evaluation? Excellent day today in Zoology!
11 days ago, Matt Sanders
Mrs. Mayhall
Sixth graders are ready to start the 4th quarter off strong! They will be using their reading and writing skills to prepare for the upcoming IAR assessments.
11 days ago, Mrs. Mayhall
Mr Wood
In landscaping class, the students have planted seeds, now have seedlings growing. A major task accomplished was to have the students label their flats with plant name and variety.
12 days ago, Mr Wood
Mr. Cothern
The physics students spent several days designing and testing balsa wood bridges. The winning bridge held 131 lbs and weighed only 0.12 lbs when constructed.
12 days ago, Mr. Cothern
Student Council
Student Council is selling popcorn to raise funds for 2019 Homecoming activities. Orders and money due 03/15. See a PHS StuCo member to order!
12 days ago, Student Council
Mr. Lipe
Plt4m training in High School Physical Enhancement Classes. This is a way to integrate technology into the weight lifting classes to hopefully increase students knowledge on lifelong fitness.
12 days ago, Mr. Lipe
Mrs. Stalets
English III is learning about Transcendentalism. We wrote our own poems last week and submitted them to a poetry contest. Good luck to all the students who entered!
12 days ago, Mrs. Stalets
Mr. Bowker
Physical Enhancement Classes using PLT4M technology in the classroom. We have also used several new ideas in our physical education classrooms: Norwegian Longball, Switch, and Pacer Test Relays. These ideas came from the PE workshop we attended a few weeks ago.
12 days ago, Mr. Bowker
Señor Roberto Evaul
Los estudiantes de español uno están aprendiendo sobre la cultura española con información sobre "La fiesta brava"
12 days ago, Señor Roberto Evaul
Mrs. Smedley
Freshmen are finishing reading Romeo and Juliet- projects are coming soon (due Friday, March 15)!
12 days ago, Mrs. Smedley
Anna Patton
Comp 2 "Lucy" Project
12 days ago, Anna Patton
Lynn Pumphery
Today's Driver Education classes were amazed to see how complex driving can be in urban settings like the Streets of San Francisco.
12 days ago, Lynn Pumphery
Matt Sanders
PHS Zoology & Botany Class will be doing some dissecting this week! Focus is on the Phylum Mollusca!
12 days ago, Matt Sanders
Mrs. Thompson
In Consumer Education Class we have been working on the student's portfolios by creating Resumes, Letter of Applications and Thank you letters that they will be able to use for future use.
12 days ago, Mrs. Thompson
Mrs. Watson
Thank you Dr. Beyers for visiting our Introduction to Business class on Tuesday to discuss a variety of topics related to running a business.
12 days ago, Mrs. Watson
Mr. Shalter
Julius Caesar vs. Marcus Brutus...It looks like a Pro-Caesar year!
12 days ago, Mr. Shalter
Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
The book fair for students at Lincoln Elementary will be held during the school day 3/7 and 3/8.
13 days ago, Lincoln Principal (Mrs. Millburg)
Mr. Malisia
Health JAM 2019 was completed on Wednesday February 27 with a full day of Career Day. All 5th grade students completed the 6 week challenge of "Walking Across Illinois." Students were paired in groups and challenged by wearing fitbits to have enough steps to walk across Illinois.
13 days ago, Mr. Malisia
Mrs. Sloan
Students researched and created an animal slide project on GoogleSlides.
13 days ago, Mrs. Sloan
Mrs. Reiss
Students made some awesome landform models out of salt dough.
13 days ago, Mrs. Reiss
Mrs. Pieper
This week students are giving oral reports on their Famous Black Americans.
13 days ago, Mrs. Pieper
Mrs. King
Finishing up our Science Unit on Physical vs. Chemical Changes!
13 days ago, Mrs. King
Mrs. Epley
Mrs. Epley's third graders have read more than seventeen million words in Accelerated Reader as a group! Way to read!!
13 days ago, Mrs. Epley
Mrs. Hedderich
Students presented their google slide projects on the Presidents this week.
13 days ago, Mrs. Hedderich
Ellen Beyers
Book Fair starting next week! These two 8th grade students (Bailey Carnahan and Faith Horton) have the most Outside Reading points so far this year. They are showing you some books we will have for sale.
13 days ago, Ellen Beyers
Sara Kallal
Excited that several students have met their requirements to "graduate" from math intervention class this week.
13 days ago, Sara Kallal
Mrs. Mathon
In seventh grade language arts, students did a "speed dating" activity to provide each other feedback on their argument essay introductions.
13 days ago, Mrs. Mathon
Juletta Ellis
Shared my lunch time with four 6th grade boys. We shared good conversation and a few laughs. I love making connections with kids!
13 days ago, Juletta Ellis
Mrs. Medley
Students have been learning about fractions in math now. Simplest form is probably the most challenging, but most students can do it now.
13 days ago, Mrs. Medley
Ms. Taylor
My 5th grade friends will be researching inventions and in weeks to come will be creating one of their own!
13 days ago, Ms. Taylor
Welcome to Washington School
13 days ago, Principal
Mrs. Maxedon
Fifth graders will be identifying minerals next week by looking at their properties, such as luster, streak, and hardness.
13 days ago, Mrs. Maxedon
Mrs. Matthews
Students are learning about mood and point of view. They had a blind read and had to add an illustration of their own that supported mood and point of view from the characters in the story. This was a quick check on comprehension.
13 days ago, Mrs. Matthews
Mr. Matthews
Our class just finished The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. The students really wanted to continue reading the sequel, so we read the synopsis of her next book. I bought The War I Finally Won over the weekend, so we are now excited to be reading the sequel!
13 days ago, Mr. Matthews
Brian Osborn
Title Reading has been reviewing for the IAR. We have covered the concepts of summarizing, text structure, main idea, sequencing, and cause and effect.
13 days ago, Brian Osborn
Today is a great day to do Thrillshare training!
29 days ago, Administration
Apptegy Admin
Don't forget to order your yearbook.
2 months ago, Apptegy Admin